Following is an index of characters in the Risen series, sorted by game and location. Note that in some cases a character might move, changing location. For ease of reference, these characters are listed in all locations where they are found.

Risen Edit

All characters in the first game are located on the island of Faranga, given that this is where the entire playable part of the game takes place.

Bandit Camp Edit

Harbour Town Edit

Volcano Keep Edit

Other (Elsewhere on the Island) Edit

Risen 2 Edit

Antigua Edit

Caldera Edit

Isle of the Dead / Underworld Edit

Isle of Thieves Edit

Maracai Bay Edit

Sword Coast Edit

Tacarigua Edit

Risen 3 Edit

Antigua Edit

Calador Edit

Crab Coast Edit

Fog Island Edit

Isle of Thieves Edit

Kila Edit

Skull Island Edit

Tacarigua Edit

Taranis Edit

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