Cole in the Harbortown slums teaches the bow skill for 10 learning points per level, but i dont know how many levels he can teach. He can teach at least as far as Archery 4. Incidentally, you can find a short bow at the top of the tower beside the armory in Harbortown

At skill level 2, reloading and drawing is 20% faster

At skill level 3, reloading and drawing is 30% faster

At skill level 4, reloading and drawing is 40% faster

Trainers Edit

  •     4 - Jervis (Volcano Keep) - Available after Mutual Aid is completed
  •     7 - Henrik (on the East coast)
  •     7 - Cole (Harbour City)
  •     7 - Luis (Bandit Camp) - Available after A Bottle of Beer for the Drunkard is completed
  •     10 - Sam (Bandit Camp)