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A bog body is a mindless Shadow living in the swampland on Faranga. As in real life, the bog body is a human body that has sunk into a swamp and become mummified by peat and mud from the environment.[1]

Tactics Edit

A bog body has high health, but its tactics are very simple. Wielding a club (drawn from a sheath on its back), it uses only one type of swing. In defense, it holds up its club to block an incoming attack. It is slow, allowing for fairly easy dodging, and its strikes can be blocked by a shield and never break a shield block. The biggest threat a bog body poses is the damage if an strike connects.


Creature Statistics
Bog Body
Encountered In Risen-small  
Standard Loot

Cold heart
1× weapon (e.g., Club or Spear)

Additional Loot
Health 240
Strengths Relatively high damage, high health
Experience / Glory 80 exp
Bog-body w-Spear

References Edit

  1. From the Wikipedia article of the same name.[1]

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