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The Black wolves on Faranga are big, black and very tough.

Because much of the natural prey animals of the islands have fallen victim to the gluttonous creatures of the underworld, packs of hungry wolves roam the woods, searching for food.

Encounters Edit

You will begin encountering these at some point after you join one of the three factions, normally. But there are plenty of them even in chapter 1 - Usually packs of black wolves guard the areas that player is not supposed to trespass.

Tactics Edit

Black wolves tend to attack in packs and have a really nasty side dodging attack.

They will usually attack three times and can break your block. When attacking they will back off when you successfully land a few hits. If they have enough room they will dodge to the side and do a really fast and nasty attack, this attack can be devastating and is quite hard to block or dodge away from.

The easiest way to beat any of the wolf types is to herd them into a narrow space such as a path, bridge or cave, thus denying them their sideways mobility and preventing them from surrounding the player.

It is recommended to use a shield while facing these creatures because with staffs and bows the creatures can get a direct hit on you and its difficult to hit them while there hitting you.

An extremely effective tactic for defeating lone wolves while using a one handed sword is to swing once, sidestep, and repeat the process until they are dead. Most of the time the "stun" on your attack will be enough to prevent the wolf from attacking at all, and in the event they do manage to attack, they do not turn quickly enough for their lunge to hit you after your side step. This tactic is also effective in groups but if they start to circle around you, or your dodge will put you closer to another wolf, you should disengage and try again, or use different tactics.

Rewards Edit

  • Each wolf will have Teeth on their corpse.
  • With the Gut animals skill each will yield a Wolfskin as well.
  • Wolves will up experience by 120 XP on death.

See also Edit

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