Axe 2 skill training costs 200 gold and 10 learning points. Axe 3 costs 300 gold and 10 learning points.

The default level allows you to wield an axe, attack, parry and combine up to 3 attack blows.

Skill level 2 adds the ability to charge your axe attack for increased damage or to break through an opponents parry.

Skill level 3 allows you to perform "lateral blows" which allows you to "knock your enemy to the side with your axe, push them and you can hit them again" according to Ukkos the Ogre.

Skill level 4 allows you to carry out counter parries to interrupt your opponents attack. (allowing a riposte)

Trainers Edit

  • 7 - Ukkos (Harbour City)
  • 7 - Domingo (Bandit Camp) - Available after The Best Fighter in the Bandit Camp is completed
  • 10 - Karakos (Bandit Camp) - Available after An Audience with Don Esteban is completed

Misc Edit

Skill level can be temporally raised by 1 by wearing the Ring of the axe fighter.