Ashbeast small

Ashbeasts are gorilla-like creatures that take their name from their gray fur. The beasts can be often found blocking the road to later story related locations or guarding treasures. Ashbeasts can be heard making loud roars and slamming the ground while standing in place alerting the player to a nearby Ashbeast.

Tactics Edit

  • Can take and deal plenty of damage and has very much life therefore very strong and you should stay away until later chapters.
  • Very agile and can clip through rough terrain with ease
  • Can break through your guard with their powerful attacks, making guard a useless function in battle. Ashbeasts slowly swing their arms while attacking with a leap at the end of the combo. Side stepping at the right moment leaves the creature open to attack although this strategy is harder in closed spaces where later Ashbeasts are often encountered such as caves or ruins.

Rewards Edit

  • With the Gut animals skill yields a Beast Skin, gold value 250. and will drop an ashbeast heart
  • Ups experience by 300 XP on death.