Port City on Arborea
The Nameless Hero visits a port on the newly settled continent.
Location Details
Type Continent
Level N/A
Location Southern Seas
Inhabitants Natives (Shaganumbi and Maracai), Inquisition citizens, pirates
Geographic Orientation
Arborea Highlight

Arborea is a continent recently settled in part by the Inquisition. It has dense jungles, thick forests, mountain ranges, and expansive fields. It is bordered by the Southern Seas to the north. While the Inquisition settlers continue to explore areas of the continent, only one settlement, Puerto Isabella, is known to have been established so far. There are other areas, however, where Inquisition soldiers can be found stationed, such as on the shores of Maracai Bay.

The northern portion of the continent is home to the Shaganumbi and Maracai tribes of natives, spread from Maracai Bay to the Sword Coast. Among the Shaganumbi is where the powerful witch, Chani, was born and raised before moving on to Kila to help that tribe of natives instead. The appearance of the Inquisition soldiers in particular has troubled the natives, who often find themselves at odds with the newcomers.

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