The basics of Alchemy can be learned from Garth in Harbour Town, along the west path from the harbour front. Inside the house he is standing next to is Leonardo.

Alchemy is learned from Leonardo for a price of 250 Gold and 5 Learning points.

Alchemy is used to make different potions such as healing potions and mana potions.

  • Alchemy level 1 — Small potions
  • Alchemy level 2 — Medium Potions
  • Alchemy level 3 — Strong Potions & permanent attribute increase potions.

The following people teaches Alchemy:

  • Abrax (Alchemy 1–3) — Monastery
  • Garth (Alchemy 1) — Harbour City
  • Leonardo (Alchemy 1–2) — Harbour City
  • Cormac (Alchemy 1–3) — Don's camp
  • Rhobart (Alchemy 1)


Basic (Alchemy 1)

Alchemy 2

Alchemy 3

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