Get AccessEdit

Yoki is guarding the cemetery. He will forbid you to enter the cemetery. You can give him the following things to enter:

  1. Harlok's stew (get it from Harlok)
  2. An illusion scroll
  3. Weed reefer (Give him for free in the Quest of Distributing the Weed Reefers, or you come to the Monastery by joining the bandit camp for negotiations)



  • 100 XP, Access to the Cemetery

Upper part of the CemeteryEdit

The Cemetery was divided into two parts: the Upper part and the lower part. The Upper part is the part you just get in from the entrance of Yoki. The Lower part could be enter by going down the stairs from the big entrance. (You could see it just in front of the Main entrance of the Cemetery)

You will see that it was not big in the cemetery. There are three things to do:

  1. Kill chickens to get the achievement "The Terror of Hens". Also get bones from graves.
  2. Open the chest inside and outside (next to Yoki) of the Cemetery. The Chest is just in a corner.
  3. Go straight and turn left after entering the Cemetery. You will see a small corner at your left. There's the place that buried Hemlar's Chest, containing 250 Gold coins.

You can see that soil of that part is slightly lighter that other parts of the soil. Dig it out to get the money.

Lower part of the CemeteryEdit

Go down the stairs right in front of the main entrance. Inside was dark so that a torch was suggested as there were no enemies down there now.

Turn left after you finish the stair and you will see a bookstand on your right. The bookstand is called "Heroes of the Ancient Days". Read it and it mentioned the name Berengir.

You should also see a Stone Plate that will increase your wisdom by 4 on a gravestone near the bookstand.

Go through the passage you see and explore. Take things from the Skeletons because they have a lot of things, including money, scroll, lockpicks, and bones which you need to write scrolls.

Go to the crossroad with benches and turn right. Take things from every skeleton. Go to the end and you will find a skeleton called Berengir on your left.


The skeleton has a key on it. Go back to the crossroad and turn left. You will see a treasure chest that was needed to open by a key.

Open the treasure chest if you've already taken the key from Berengir and you will find a book called "Wisdom in Combat".

Take it to complete the Quest "Wisdom in Combat found".

Wisdom in Combat

The book is a part of Master Vitus' test, since he said "seek Wisdom in Combat".

You can give the book to Rufus, in the library, who was looking for this book too.

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